NumericDataTypes: An invalid delegator factory was registered


I have installed NumericDataTypes module. After activation i see:

An invalid delegator factory was registered; resolved to class or function “NumericDataTypes\Service\Delegator\FormElementDelegatorFactory” which does not exist; please provide a valid function name or class name resolving to an implementation of Laminas\ServiceManager\DelegatorFactoryInterface

Any ideas?
Many thanks in advance.


What version of Omeka S and NumericDataTypes module are you using? From where did you download Omeka S and the module? As normally packaged, the module should not have this error.


Numeric Data Types version 1.5.1
Omeka version 3.1.0-alpha

I dowloaded it from the website, unzipped add uploaded via FTP to omeka/modules folder.


I have installed now the latest version from the website (not from Github) - 3.0.2 , and now it works.

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