Numeric data types; interval ending in present day?

Hi all,

I’m building an Omeka site with artist profiles for both people deceased/no longer active, and those currently active. I am trying to figure out a way to have a “Active during” property with a numeric data type that can have “present” as an option ( Active during: 1995 - present). Has anyone been able to implement something like this on their site?

I know there is a way to create custom data types, and was wondering if this would be feasible to try and build. Otherwise, have people figured out some kind of clever workaround to signal an interval that ends in present day?

Thank you!

I am not aware of a workaround to signal an interval that ends in the present day. The data type requires an end date because the underlying standard (ISO 8601) requires it. There is an extension to the standard (EDTF) that accepts an unbounded end, but that would require a separate data type.

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A workaround could be to have separate “start” and “end” properties and simply omit the end where appropriate.

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