"Not found" message when trying to navigate to Private site


I recently upgraded from beta and I have set up a private site on my Omeka S install. I am wondering if the following is a normal behaviour or if my install got somehow corrupted:

Without logging in, and when trying to navigate to my private site home page (e.g. myomekasinstall.com/s/sitename), I get a very simple “Not found” message. Shouldn’t there be a login form or something similar?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,


I think the philosophy is to not give away the fact that there’s something at that URL, and you just have to log in to see it. That is, if you don’t have access to it, not to signal that it’s there at all.

Thank you Patrick. If I understand correctly, users have no direct way to access the site and must first log into admin panel.

At least there is nothing wrong with my install. I’ll try to work around this by configuring htaccess passwords.

Just to follow up on my initial question, I’m developing a module to create the desired behavior in Omeka S.
Private sites stay invisible to anonymous users, but instead the module adds an option to turn one or more public sites into restricted spaces which require users to log in to browse content.

I’ll appreciate any kind of contribution or feedback. Thanks to the Omeka community for the insight.