"No facets" when searching only in 'filter' fields with Advanced Search module

I am using Omeka S with Advanced Search module. When leaving the main ‘search’ field blank and searching only in one of the filters, i.e. when wanting to filter all items by that direct field, the results are found, although no facets are displayed. Is this a bug or expected behaviour? And if so, how can I get the facets in a filtered * search?

It looks like a bug.
For the second questions, the facets are always using the current query.

Great, I’m glad I identified it then. What’s the net step? Shall I submit an issue?

Sorry, the second question was connected to the main issue: I meant ‘How can I get the facets when submitting a search for * [everything] filtered by something?’.

The query is managed as a whole (main field and any other input field or filter), then the facets are done on the result list.

I see. Well, in that case, the bug hits when the ?q= parameter is empty.

It’s strange, it works on my server, with or without ?q=

Interesting. Can you send all your search configurations please?

I’ve tried again on mine and I confirm I’m not getting the facets for empty q.

See here.

(PS: there’s no catalogue appended to the website address now)

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