Next Item buttons on Item View problem

When viewing an Item from within an exhibit, Next Item and Previous Item buttons appear at the bottom of the screen, which take the user out of the exhibit to another item in the Items list (presumably the next one uploaded by the looks of it). Obviously, this is problematic as the user will leave my nicely constructed exhibit! Is there a way to disable these buttons? I’m using the Seasons theme but I think the same problem occurs with the other two default themes supplied.


You can simply remove them from the items/show.php view in your theme. There’ll be a section that has calls to link_to_previous_item_show() and link_to_next_item_show() and you can just take that whole section out. You could also just hide those links with CSS display: none if you don’t want them but would prefer not to edit the view.

Great - thank you so much for the swift reply. This should solve the problem. Best, Richard