Newbie: Images- best practices and modules

Newbie here! We are currently running Omeka 2. We just started,and are working out our workflows- nothing is live yet.
We have several old “exhibits” that contain primarily images. Two questions:

1- I want to confirm that Omeka always pull (uploads) images inside Omeka? It would seem that it does.

2-If so, is there a best way to import the images in bulk? I have used CSV Import to get the Items into Omeka, and then used the sideload module to attach the media to the Item. But I wonder if there is a better way to do this all at once? I’ve looked at Bulk Import/Bulk Import Files.

As stated, we are on Omeka 2- if Omeka 3 is better to start out, please let me know!

Are you using Omeka S? “Omeka 2” often refers to Classic, but S also has versions 2 and 3.

In Omeka S, you can include filenames of files in the sideload directory in your CSV and map that column as a sideloaded file to create the item and attach a file at the same time.

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