New Python package - omeka-s-tools

Hi all,

I’ve packaged up some of the Python code I’ve been using to work with the Omeka S REST API in case it’s of use to others. See:

It includes a variety of methods to get resources, and create and update items – including building an item payload using a template, and adding media and map markers to items. There’s also some tools to help you work with templates – for example to upload templates exported from one Omeka instance to another.

There’s fairly detailed documentation here, which includes an example of adding a newspaper article from Trove to Omeka. There’s also a notebook in the GLAM Workbench that uses the code to upload Trove newspaper articles to Omeka S from a variety of sources, including searches, Trove lists, and a Zotero library.

Cheers, Tim


Passing by just to thank and congratulate you for that package. It will probably become very useful to me in the months to come.

Great! if you find any problems or would like any enhancements, feel free to drop them in the GitHub issues:

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