New plugin: Related Content


Ever seen one of those blogs where, at the bottom of a post page, you’d see some “you might be interested also in…” suggestions for other posts?
Well, I figured that, in some cases, Omeka installments could benefit of a similar feature (for instance, a project I’m working on is an art gallery/exhibition, so one might want to see other pieces of art that are somehow related to the one they’re currently watching).

Thus I’ve put together a plugin, Related Content.

In order to find Items related to a given one, I’m considering similarity between several elements, each one of which can be assigned a different “weight” (i.e. importance); default values are the ones that work better for my case, but one can always change them in configuration.

Hope you find it useful. As usual, comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.


Latest plugin version (1.3) is featuring some additional criteria:

  • Item Type (default weight: 0.5)
  • Spatial Coverage (needs Dublin Core Extended plugin)
  • Temporal Coverage (needs Dublin Core Extended plugin)

Besides, it’s now possible to limit final suggestion to only the Items that comply with one or more criteria.

Hope this helps. Thanks to @Lissmarie for some testing and ideas.

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