New Omeka/Curatescape Install--Only street and terrain maps are viewable

I’m beginning a new omeka/curatescape project and I have obtained an API key for this project. When configuring the geolocation plug-in, four map types are available to select from the drop down menu:roadmap, satellite, hybrid, and terrain. From the admin dashboard, I can toggle between these map views successfully. However, the front end of the project only displays street and terrain maps. Help, I am stumped! No instances of a neatline install. Currently using Version 2.2.4 of Geolocation. Any guidance is appreciated!

Hi @jrdaws, the Curatescape theme doesn’t actually display the front end map using the Geolocation plugin’s Google Map. Instead the theme uses the data from the plugin to create a custom map with Open Street Maps, which has some additional options. You can configure the map and other display settings in Appearance > Themes > Curatescape (Configure button).

UPDATE: Please direct Curatescape-specific questions to