New install, creating test site: embedded audio doesn't play

Brand new Omeka S installation.
Creating a test site.
Using default theme.
I have one item, which is .mp3 audio. The .mp3 audio is uploaded.
On the test site I am able to pull up the page about the item.
The embedded audio player shows up…but when I click the “Play” triangle…nothing happens.

What could be the issue?

Any errors printed in the browser’s console? Can you play the file on the admin side? Or by linking directly to the “Original” file?

Thank you for the response.

After I created this topic I noticed that on the admin side that I also could go to the file and attempt to play it. (Previously, I had installed Omeka classic, and playing uploaded files was not possible in Omeka Classic without plugins, etc., so I hadn’t realized the capability was there.)

The problem exists in the admin (catalog) side as well. So it is likely the same problem. I’ve tried it in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, with identical results.

However…I just uploaded a very short test .mp3 (about 30 seconds in length) and that I am able to play.

It looks like perhaps the first file that I uploaded became corrupted during the upload process.

I truly appreciate the response – and hope that this will help anyone else who is having the same or a similar issue.

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