New functionalities for Advanced Search in the next version?

At the moment with version 1.0.1 the downside of linking an item field with an “Omeka resource” is that you cannot search the value of the field properly. The search engine will find the corresponding items if you use “Text” or “URI” (the label is recognized) but if you make a link to an Omeka resource it doesn’t work… will it work in the next version ?

At the moment, is there a way to manually edit a query in order to search by resource ids for a specific field ?

Some questions about the simple search : is it planned to allow multiple words (like a Google Search with AND as default) instead of a single word or phrase ?
And possibly an optional advanced syntax with booleans within the single search window, without the need to use the Advanced Search ? I mean for example a simple search like this : pottery OR ceramics

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Yes, you can manually edit a query to search for linked resources by ID. There’s a “type” for searching by ID called res (rather than eq or the other “normal” types).

We’re looking into possibilities for making searching with linked resources easier.

The changes to simple search you mention are a little trickier… we’re looking at things in that area also but in general you need full-text indexing or a real search engine to do that stuff well, neither of which we have built in. There’s some module work out there for using an external search engine like Solr which could have promise for getting included more deeply.

Thank you for your answer. And “res” was indeed the word I was looking for… that will help !