Need to create a « mixed » data type (text and date)

Hello everyone,
We are creating a bibliographic database on Omeka S
We need to fill in a “Career” class.

We use a Numeric Data Types plug-in to enter the date ranges.
In the current version it is possible to introduce two different data types “text” - to designate the title of the job and “interval” to define how long this person has held this position.

But, for a correct treatment of the data (which will be exported in CSV afterwards) we have to connect these two data types to each other.

Do you have any ideas?
Is it possible to create a “mixed” data type that will contain both text (job-title) and date (interval)?

Custom data types are possible but they require quite a bit of technical knowhow to implement. With it, you could feasibly consolidate the “Job Title” and “Interval” inputs into one value.

The RDF way of doing things would be to separate each “Job Title” and “Interval” combination into a separate resource. This is possible in Omeka S using the “Omeka resource” data type to link the “Person” item to a separate “Job” item that has “Title” and “Interval” values. This solution may not be optimal for exporting into CSV, but it is a good use of existing features.

If you cannot create a custom data type and find the RDF way of doing things too onerous, you may find that doing things as you’ve been doing is sufficient. I’m not sure about the format of the CSV export, but it should order the “Job” values the same as they’re displayed on the page. If so, you can simply assume that the first dbpedia:profession value is a “Title”, the second is an “Interval”, the third is a “Title”, the fourth is a “Interval”, and so on.

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