Need advice for metadata mapping (date of death?)

I’m setting up a collection on Omeka S that has many artist profiles and need advice for mapping out a “date of death” property. I’ve done some research and seen websites powered by Omeka that have this property (eg Histories of the National Mall | Archie Alphonso Alexander , Century of Black Mormons · Able Jr., Elijah · J. Willard Marriott Library Exhibits), but I’m at a bit of a loss towards which standerdized RDF term it would fall under. Currently I have it under “dcterms:date” but I don’t think this is the best since this property seems to come up in the advanced search menu, and “date” doesn’t default to “date of death” in the public’s eyes.

I’m a student and very new to archival anything so I would appreciate some advice from anyone that has handled this field within their own collections/websites. Thank you!

You might want to import the Bio vocabulary: BIO: A vocabulary for biographical information

PS: Here is a link to the Omeka S documentation about adding Vocabularies: Vocabularies - Omeka S User Manual

You’ll want to download the RDF/XML from the Bio page, and import it.

Then you can use those properties to build your Artist resource templates.

That’s a great idea, I’ve installed Bio! Thank you :slight_smile:

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