Neatline Warning appears in dashboard and Public View


Hello Forum:

I’m using Omeka Classic 2.6.1 ( and I have three Neatline exhibits. On the Neatline admin page, where the exhibits are listed, I’ve received the following warning next to the Exhibit named " Mapping Byron’s Mediterranean Letters and Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage I-II: By the Numbers:

Warning : Declaration of NeatlineRecord::save() should be compatible with Neatline_Row_Expandable::save($throwIfInvalid = false) in /home/byrononl/public_html/plugins/Neatline/models/NeatlineRecord.php on line 10

I would like to resolve this issue because the exact text of the warning appears in the Public View of the Dublin Core of letters collected in the exhibit named " [Mapping Byron’s Mediterranean Tour (1809-1811): The Letters]

Thank you, and
be well …Paul


Hi Paul,

I’ve added this error to an issue reported on our github pages. We thought we had corrected this as of 2.6.1, but you’re on the latest release and are still seeing it, so apparently it’s not fixed in all cases. I’ll see what the developers have to say.



Aside from a possible fix to Neatline, you’re seeing that error because you enabled error display (the SetEnv line in the .htaccess file at the root of your Omeka install). If you comment that line out the warning should no longer be visible.