Neatline Time: Item Query with no results

We installed Neatline Time two days ago but are not able to display items even though all of them show the YYYY-MM-DD format. The item query shows no result no matter if we search for items via collection, #items, or other fields. We only receive a blank box with a title but no timeline, events, etc. The Omeka site does not display any errors.
Does anyone have an idea what we could do?

Is there any way we can further customize the timeline (colors, range, etc.)?

Hi sbay, I’m sorry for only now getting to this. I’m afraid I’m not sure how to help with out further information. If possible, could you provide the following:

  1. A link to the timeline exhibit where you’re encountering the problem;
  2. System information about your Omeka site.

As for modifying the timeline colors, that’s possible to do if you can add/edit your own CSS, and use SIMILE timelines class attributes where appropriate. This is not a trivial thing, but some modest explanation is available on SIMILE’s example attributes test page. (Their documentation wiki is unfortunately no longer available.)

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