Neatline theme’s CSS file : where is it?


I’m trying to change the size of the pop-up box in Neatline, and to get it to appear on the right rather than the left. I know there have been previous posts about this but they are closed now, so I could not ask within these topics

Following the instructions given here (Neatline text box size?), I should only have to add a line in a CSS file. My problem is I’m not sure where to find this file exactly. I have tried adding the ruleset for #static-bubble in the 4 CSS files I found at \omeka\plugins\Neatline\views\shared\css\dist\ but that did not change anything. (2 of the files I edited are named neatline-editor.css and the other 2 are named neatline-public.css)

Maybe I’m not editing the right files ? Also, could the file I’m looking for be in .styl and not in .css ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi Anouk,

To follow the steps given here, you’ll need to find the CSS file in your site’s theme files, often named ‘style.css’ (instead of the CSS files found in the /plugins folder). You can find theme files in /omeka/themes/your-theme-folder, “your-theme-folder” being the theme installed on your public Omeka site.

Hope that helps, and please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


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