Neatline SIMILE timeline event stacking

I don’t seem able to stack more than 3 events above the dates before the events start running into the dates. They are stacked because their time range overlaps. I can see that in places there may be more than 7 events that need to be stacked above the dates. There also seems to be a difference between what can be seen in the admin interface & on the public page - I’m able to see up to 6 events above the dates in the admin interface.

I have tried adjusting the Track & Tape Height but the problem seems to be that the vertical space for the whole timeline and for each event text is fixed - they don’t expand or contract to fit the number of events that need to be shown above the dates.

My tests are on a private exhibit but the researcher’s original one which has the same problem is here.

Grateful for any help - thank you!

ps: on my test exhibit I have increased the space between the dates using the Interval Pixels which seems to work fine.

Good Morning,

This is a known limitation of the SIMILE timeline implementation, unfortunately, and without going into the code for the timeline plugin, there’s no way to change it. There’s also no way to change the placement of events on the timeline.

Sorry to not have better news. I’m happy to try to help find workarounds for the test exhibit and the faculty member’s exhibit.


OK Ronda, thanks for letting me know this. I’ll suggest to the researcher she puts fewer overlapping events on the timeline or even creates a static image timelime outside Omeka.

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