Neatline Plugin for Classic?

Is the Neatline Plugin no longer available for Omeka Classic? I don’t see it at

-Fritz Vandover, University of Minnesota

Hi @fritzvandover,

The plugin is definitely still available for Classic, and will be for the foreseeable future. It’s odd that it’s not listed on that page. You can download the most recent release here.

I will look into why it might be missing from



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Huh. It looks like it is registered in our new system, but not showing up on the page. We’ll dig into it.

Thanks, Patrick. The SIMILE, Text, and Waypoints plugins are similarly not visible in the Plugins page.


Neatline has made its triumphant return to the list!

The others had problems with the new registration system (more here). That works for both Classic and S modules. I’ve contact ScholarsLab about the details.

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