Neatline Images without Titles

I have imported all my images into Omeka so that I can pull them into Neatline. I would like to get rid of the “TItle” and “File” that is appearing in Neatline as part of the image. Where can I go to disable that? All I want is the image with no metadata, category name or title.

Please advise.

Hi bsolivan,

The simplest way to make these adjustments is to add the related template file to your theme files and make adjustments there, instead of to the plugin directly. I’ll walk through the steps here.

The image’s related metadata is appearing in Neatline from the item.php file seen here:

Copy the text from that file into a new file also named item.php, and place that file into your Omeka theme folder as follows: themes/your-theme-name/neatline/exhibits/item.php.
(If your theme folder does not already include the /neatline folder and the /exhibits folder within that, create them to hold the item.php file.)

In the newly copied item.php file in your theme folder, make the following changes to remove the “Title” and “File” text:
Delete line 13: <?php echo all_element_texts('item'); ?>, found under <!-- Texts. -->.
Also delete line 17: <h3><?php echo __('Files'); ?></h3>, found under <!-- Files. -->.
If you also want to remove the link for “View the item in Omeka” that appears below the image, delete the text under <!-- Link. --> found on line 24.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions, hope this helps.


Thank you for your quick response. I am not sure how you mean to copy the text into a new file in themes within Omeka. Does my server admin need to do that since I cannot adde anything to my Omkea Themes areas?

Hi bsolivan,

Yes, this is something that your server admin will have to do for you.

There is a workaround that won’t actually remove the metadata from the item popup, if you don’t have technical support to make the change for which Beth provided instructions above, and I’ve recommended it to several folks who don’t have the ability to actually edit the .php files in their neatline installations.

Once you’ve linked your Omeka item to an annotation on the map in Neatline, you can actually insert the image, via the Omeka URL for it, and any contextualizing text and links into the Body text entry box in the Item Editor window. Anything you add here will appear above the metadata information imported from Omeka in the popup.

I made an example for you at

Hope this helps,

Thank you for the example. I will try that and hope that the metadata (title/file) doesn’t appear.

Greatly appreciate it!

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