Neatline errors with Omeka 2.5

I am also coming across this error - through Reclaim, Omeka is at 2.5 (updated 02/03/17) and Neatline is up-to-date at 2.5.1. I mention NeatLine because it says here:

Strict Standards: Declaration of NeatlineRecord::save() should be compatible with Neatline_Row_Expandable::save($throwIfInvalid = false) in /home/ajblandf/public_html/turning-to-stone/plugins/Neatline/models/NeatlineRecord.php on line 11

In addition, I can’t save any new neatline records.

This doesn’t work:
but this displays correctly and with no errors:

I’m not sure what happened in the space of a week…

I’m splitting this into its own topic because though the error is the same basic message, it’s not the same plugin.

The strict standards error is showing up because Omeka 2.5 is more inclusive about showing some error messages and warnings that older versions of Omeka hide. By itself that message doesn’t necessarily indicate much, just a small coding mismatch between Neatline and Omeka that should be fixed, but probably doesn’t break anything.

As for the new records not working, are you saying they just have the result of your “whooms-test” link where it’s not loading correctly, or is there an error message or other behavior happening?

From the output of the console output on the “whooms-test” page, it looks like a well-known change to the Google Maps API where it requires keys when it previously didn’t. This can be a little hard to notice or diagnose because Google seems to try to make existing pages that didn’t need a key continue to work, so things can frustratingly work on one page or site but not on another. If it’s just this key error, it doesn’t really have anything to do with Omeka 2.5 probably, instead being more of a coincidence.

Users have previously filed a bug report with Neatline’s developers about the “missing key” error:

If the error you’re getting when adding a record is an “Omeka has encountered an error” page, there’s likely a report for that as well:

When I click the “Save” button on an open-for-editing Neatline record, a little red box appears in the upper right-hand corner that says only “There was an error - the record was not saved.” However, the record does appear to have been saved, despite the continuing appearance of the red box.

I’m not sure what you mean by “requires keys” or anything though - is it because of the basemap we’re using?

At this point, I guess the only thing we can do is say “I, too, have this error” and wait for a fix? It seems like nothing has been resolved (or even answered) in either of those linked threads.

I’d definitely engage with those Github issues, even if just to chime in. The developers will be updated on the existence and impact of the problem, and you’ll be able to get automatic updates when there are updates or answers there.

I managed to repair it by editing the named files in Neatline:

I had a couple of strict standards errors that I realized were actually different instances of the same StrictStandards error. I edited the functions declared in the error messages to match the function definition also given in the error message and both the messages and the behavior disappeared.

I’m not sure if this is, y’know, actually advisable, but it did seem to fix the errors.