Neatline - Duplicate Function Problems


I’m running Omeka Classic 2.7, and have Neatline 2.6.1 installed. When I attempt to duplicate an existing exhibit, literally eighteen pages of blank exhibits (over 100 exhibits) are spawned, requiring a lot of time spent deleting each project. Worse, the duplicates don’t actually copy the existing exhibit. Any suggestions on what might be causing this, and possible fixes?

Many thanks,

Daniel Hutchinson
Belmont Abbey College

Hi Daniel,

Just to clarify, the exhibits you need to duplicate are Neatline exhibits and not Omeka exhibits, correct? Can you tell me a bit more about the method you used to duplicate your exhibit, please? I’ve never heard of this happening, so I need a bit more information to attempt to replicate.

Ronda Grizzle


Many thanks for touching base! Yes, the exhibits being duplicated are just from Neatline, not Omeka. I duplicated the exhibit by using the Neatline interface in Omeka, by clicking on the duplicate button. Happy to share more information, and I appreciate the assistance!

Daniel Hutchinson

Thanks Daniel,

Omeka version 2.7 and which Neatline version, please?

When I duplicate a Neatline exhibit with Omeka 2.6.1 and Neatline 2.6.1, I get a copy of the exhibit which shows 0 items, but which actually has all the items in it, but doesn’t function as expected until I edit and resave each item, then close the exhibit, after which everything seems OK, which is not good functionality. I’m not able to reproduce the excessive spawning, though, with my current sandbox config, so I need to update to the most recent Omeka Classic and the most recent Neatline to check things again.

In any case, I need to verify with our developers, but this seems more than a little buggy to me. I’ll keep testing and will update you as soon as I can with info that I find out.


Hi Daniel,

Just FYI, I’ve opened a new issue on the Neatline github page, so you can track this issue by following there.

If you have a github userid, please feel free to add a comment about your experience trying to get this functionality to work on your system, but I’ve linked this question thread in the issue, so there’s no need to take the time to duplicate your efforts over there.

I’ll update when there’s news.



Many thanks for the assistance, greatly appreciated. I’m running Omeka Classic 2.7 and Neatline 2.6.1.


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