Neatline Browse Page Source


For our project, we are using Neatline exhibits for a variety of maps. We’d like to have an iframe of each map display on the Browse page below the title so the user can see what is available before entering the exhibit. With all other plugins, I’ve been able to successfully alter the browse.php page, but it in Neatline’s Neatline>views>public>exhibits>browse.php absolutely no changes I make are reflected. I deleted all the code in there and put in a single paragraph as a test, and it continued to appear as normal. (I have tried clearing my cache).

I got the display to change as expected on the admin>exhibits>browse.php page, but I can’t on the public. This leads me to believe that the Browse page is pulling from a different source than the .php file I’m altering, but I can’t seem to find where else would be generating the content.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can alter the browse exhibits page?


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