Multiple ticking - Simple Vocab

Hi everyone,

I just started with the Contribution Plug-In and discover the Simple Vocab Plug-In which allows to add a drop down menu for guest users to use predefined answers when they are adding a new item.

I’m looking for a way to add a multiple ticking to this drop down menu. I looked up on the forum but didn’t find anything.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot and happy new year!


Hello, Olivia.

HTML’s SelectBox control does not natively support checkboxes (I guess that’s what you mean by “ticking”).

You can find javascript solutions for that, though (see, f.i., javascript - How to use Checkbox inside Select Option - Stack Overflow). You could also use the multiple attribute, to allow for multiple selected options.

Do not forget you would then have to change the code, in order to accept and process multiple choices.

Hope this helps.