Multiple classes for one item

As asked (among other) in this topic:

Is there a way to define multiple classes to a single item?
This is a very common feature in owl

This shouldn’t be a big shift as classes seems to just behave as other properties. Multiple values for the same prop is already possible. Morevover, for now, there is no semantics in omeka (no inheritance, no domain/range, no inference, etc…). Just a multiple field then …
→ a patch for that feature?

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There is currently no way to define multiple classes for a single resource. We acknowledge that it’s a desirable feature, and it sounds like a straightforward change, but unfortunately there are quite a few places that depend on a one-class-per-resource paradigm, so a change would be far more complicated than just changing the data model and select UI. Nevertheless, I opened an issue and we’ll look into it.

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