Multi-select and actions for plugins page

Would it be possible to add to the Plugins page the ability to check a box for each installed plugin - with a ‘select all’ checkbox, too - and then apply an action to all selected plugins? It would be SO handy to be able to activate/deactivate all plugins in one fell swoop, especially when upgrading or troubleshooting!

Or perhaps that would be a function better suited to a plugin?

Thanks for considering the idea!

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I’ve been thinking about a plugin reuniting many little tweaks and features developed by other users and adding extra functionalities to the admin side, so maybe this idea of yours could actually be part of it. What actions should be available, in your opinion?

That would be great! Activate and Deactivate at least, and possibly Uninstall. Any configuration would, of course, need to be done in the individual plugins.

Is there a way to actually delete uninstalled and/or invalid plugins?

And it would be amazing if it could run updates on (multiple) plugins for which they were available! I do appreciate the update notifications with their links, but an auto install function would be much more streamlined.

Thanks for considering all this!

Just to chime in on that front, the reason there’s no “uninstall” button there when you install a plugin and then remove its folder, is that the plugin itself contains the instructions for uninstalling it. So it’s possible to remove it from the list, but if the plugin installed anything like extra database tables, those would be left over and not properly removed.

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