Moving Omeka to a new installation on a new server

I know to use the import API to move items to a new install. However, is there a way to move the exhibits? Would the exhibits have to be completely redone? When we moved to a new server over the summer, we had a partially completed exhibit and it did not copy over, so we started over. That was acceptable for that project, but I have a couple of exhibits that may need to be moved.

Or maybe we just messed up the migration over the summer…

If both source and target install have exhibit builder installed and active, the API Import should move over the exhibits. API Import grabs data from Exhibit Builder and Geolocation.

Thanks–something must have gone wrong. What about Neatline exhibits?

Pretty sure Neatline isn’t in the API at this point, but I might be behind on it.

I’m pretty sure it’s not too. :wink: