Moving metadata from one field to another


I have a question about moving the metadata from one field to another. I used the CSV import for about 300 images, but unfortunately, one of the item type fields we used, Physical Dimensions, is not one of the fields I was able to map to with the CSV import. I put them in the Has Format field for now, but want to shift them to the correct field. Is there a simple way to do this? It doesn’t seem possible with the Bulk Editor. I was attempting to use the Python API client as well but was having issues with the scripts.


Tristan Dahn
Digital Projects Librarian
College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Why weren’t you able to use that element? You should be able to import to any Item Type element as long as you select a type that includes the element when starting the import.

Ah, I see now. I was avoiding selecting an item type because the objects are of varying item types, but I’ll just break the CSV file up by item type and import that way.

Thanks for your help!


Is it possible to move metadata to another element after import? I actually have two elements I’d like to combine: “Date” from Dublin Core and “Start Date” which we created. Thanks!