Move server via rsync

Okay so I tried this and had no luck(Move servers with different names), so decided to a rsync from one server (old1) to (new1) but getting the following issue :

Fatal error : Declaration of Omeka_Storage_Adapter_Filesystem::__construct(array $options = Array) must be compatible with Omeka_Storage_Adapter_AdapterInterface::__construct(?array $options = NULL) in /var/www/art/application/libraries/Omeka/Storage/Adapter/Filesystem.php on line 17

Assuming it is having an issue with new location of storage not sure, was looking for the place where i can change the storage location or edit it , as i cant find it

or if its something else please let me know.

Thank you

What version was the site that you moved?

This error looks like something that could happen if you move a fairly old Omeka installation to a newer server (particuarly, a newer version of PHP). There’s a bug with these “Storage” classes that only shows up on PHP 7.1 or newer; we fixed the bug in Omeka 2.6. I would think your site is older than Omeka 2.6, and you moved from a server using an older PHP to one using PHP 7.1 or higher, so you’re seeing this bug now.

The simple answer to this problem is just to upgrade the Omeka installation on the “new” server to 2.7, which will fix this problem.

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  • Was not old , but tested with new and old , ended up being something in the database - corrected all the issues there and got it working.

Thank you