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Hello. Thanks for your time. I have installed Facets plugin of AR2L Hauts de France (project Armarium). Now I need to move the position of this module image 1 like image 2. (My theme is Seasons)

image 1

image 2
Armarium library

Thanks for your answers

I’m not sure if the creators of this plugin are on the Forum - you might want to also create an issue on the GitHub repository to which you link.

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Thanks for you answer. I will ask on github.


I’m facing the same problem here, with Thanks, Roy theme.
@Lissmarie, have you received any reply?

Hi. I tried a solution in theme Season and it worked.

I moved the facets to sidebar. Looks good in pc view.

Edit application/views/scripts/items/browse.php

<aside id="sidebar">
<div id="facets">
<?php fire_plugin_hook('public_items_browse', array('items' => $items, 'view' => $this)); ?>

This solution looks good in pc view, but in mobile view it looks like this

You’re right, it’s not particularly nice. Any reply from the author on GitHub?

Hi, @Lissmarie.

See whether this can help you: Facets plugin - improved version

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Thanks @DanieleB. I’ll try your plugin. Thanks. :star2::slight_smile:

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