More than one Tiler at a time

Hi, I’m not able to load more than one tile image at a time as often multiple processes return an error.
Is there a way to config/optimize the System to be able to manage parallel tile conversion without errors?

Are you asking about a specific module?

I mean during the media loading of an item

There’s nothing in Omeka S itself that we call a “tiler,” so I was wondering if you might be referring to a module (plus, you posted this in the Modules section).

Just moved the topic out from Module section.
This is what I meant:

I’m asking if someone has suggestions how to configure the system tobe able to transform more than one image at a time.
Is my question more clear now?

It looks to me like that’s part of Daniel Berthereau’s IIIFServer module. Are you using that module?

Daniel would be able to speak to this more effectively, I’m sure, but pregenerating zooming tiles can be a pretty “heavy” process: there’s a lot of images that need to be created. Details on what kind of error you’re encountering might help, though.

Yes, I use IIIFServer, that’s why I chosed nto post in the Module section.
I’ll try with ask to Daniel on github.

The tiles are created via a background job even when they are uploaded via the user interface. But it may be a bug (it may be possible to use one job only for all images). Have you some log?

I will made a benchmark with some image load via tiler altogether to collect some log for you to debug. Do you want me to search in some specific logs that I maybe don’t know?