Modules : "Error : File config/module.ini invalide"

Hi again,
i’ve downloaded the latest versions of Omeka-S and of modules for Omeka-S : but for all of those modules i’ve got an error : “Error : File config/module.ini invalide”

What can be the problem ? the solution ?
Thanks again !

Can you show a screenshot or copy/paste of what the subfolders in your “modules” folder look like, including their contents?

A problem like that error message usually means there’s something wrong with the file/directory structure of the modules, or otherwise a problem with permissions where Omeka S is unable to read the files.

Thanks for your answer. I’ve downloaded the modules versions from your Home page thinking they were OK with the new version of Omeka-S, but then i discovered the dedicated pages module by module and then i tried with the wright versions. FCT