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My team and I are looking for a way to place a like/thumbs up button on items in Omeka S. We would like the public to be able to view an item and be able to “like it” easily.

We also want the public to comment on an item and we found the Comments module( and it looks like it is going to work great. So along this same vein, we also want to add the like button as well, in case the patron does not have time to comment they can simply like it.

Is there a module already capable of handling this request or is this a new module that needs to be built?

Here is a layout of our item on the page and where we would like to place the “like button”

Title/Name of item

| Picture
| of
| item
| here

-------------> + like button here
Title -
Creator -
Date Issued -
Rights -
Items Sets -

Comments - *Thanks Daniel-KM, precitate the comments module

Thank you,


Anyone know the answer to this question?
If it does need to get built do you have any tutorials posted here in the forum to make a new module?
I have tried to find info but it seems outdated, it talks about using Zend Framework which seems to be no longer updated. Laminas seems to be the successor but I am not completely sure if Omeka S uses the old Zend Framework or the new Laminas. Can someone point me in the right direction?

We have an Art Show we are putting up on May 7th and would like to try and get the thumbs up button functional by then. I figured I would have gotten a response 3 weeks ago when I posted this but so far I have received none.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


I’m not aware of whether there’s a “like” module already or not.

The current versions of Omeka S use the Laminas Framework. Zend Framework 2/3 documentation is generally applicable to Laminas, with “Zend” names exchanged for “Laminas,” though.

Hi Marco,

I did a similar module for Omeka classic for rating (from 1 to 5)

It’s not a complex plugin, but requires some work : create a table in the database to store the data and add the js in the view, add an icon and manage everything. And how to check if the user has already answered (do you manage anonymous people). This last point can be complex to manage (and not privacy compliant).

So there is a second way to do that, quicker: you use a service that provides a like button and you just add the embedded js code. But it’s not privacy compliant and you don’t control data of your visitors. To embed a code, you have the Omeka events (see developer documentation).

So the right way for a digital library that respects standards is to create an annotation (via the module Annotate). The module Comment will be converted into such a way, the same for the Folksonomy module and the Rating module. There is no due date for now, there are only improvements. It can be the same for a Like module.

So you have three choices to do the module and some questions to manage about the anonymous visitors.

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