Modifying element display names

Prior to 2.7, if you wanted to update the display name of a field/element, you’d update themes/berlin/common/record-metadata.php like this:

<?php if($setName=='Dublin Core' && $elementName=='Spatial Coverage') $elementName="Location"; ?>

I’m setting up a 2.7 instance and it seems that option is no longer available, at least the file no longer exists in that directory. How do you customize element names in the display now?

That file works just the same in 2.7 as in previous versions.

To my knowledge though, it’s never been included in Berlin. Typically to customize it for a theme you would copy it from application/views/scripts into the location you mentioned within the berlin folder, then edit it there.

Thanks, updating it in /application/views/scripts/common did the trick.

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