Modify coins.php to force repeated data into Zotero

Coins generates a Zotero record from my Omeka website record that is alwaysL Item Type: Web Item. No problem with that. Further down in the Zotero record thus generated, there is a field called Website title, and it is empty. I wonder if there is a form, without having to introduced a field with the website title in each of my items, to embed the name of my Omeka webpage every time the metadata are extracted using Coins.
I noticed there is a line in coins.php

case ‘Website’:
$type = ‘webpage’;
Could a line be include stating that the file website should always have a fixed value, in other words, the name of my Omeka run homepage? Thanks

Are your items in Omeka using the Website item type?

If they’re not, I believe there’s logic on the Zotero side of things that will automatically choose “Web Item” with the kind of data the Omeka Coins plugin creates if there’s no specified type.

You are right. I will modify all the records to be Web item. It may introduce some confusion for those who access them directly since they expect to see a more detailed category but they should figure it out from the physical description of the item.

Unfortunately the Website title field in Zotero reproduces all the fields in the Item. All I need is the name of my website , perhaps followed by its url. That is why some form of modifying the php could do it, but I do not know how

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