Missing link for NeatlineSimile download

The link on the Neatline plugins page to download the NeatlineSimile plugin now directs to the general plugins page for Omeka Classic. The plugins page contains no mention of NeatlineSimile.

The only place I can find NeatlineSimile right now is on GitHub.

Is NeatlineSimile no longer supported in Omeka 2.5.1? Did the NeatlineSimile download link simply get overlooked in the Omeka site re-design? Or is there just something I’m missing?


The redesign is the thing, and it includes some additional requirements for the structure of addons. Those involve things like zipped releases tagged in GitHub, among a few other things. We’re working through contacting the addon producers to help get them into the system, but we’re in a transition time while we talk to them all.

So far as I know, though, NeatlineSimile still works with Omeka 2.5.1, so the GitHub link is right now your best option.

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