Migration from Fedora 3 to Omeka S


We would like to migrate content from Fedora 3 to Omeka S. We have a site that currently uses Fedora 3, Islandora 7, and Durpual 7 with about 100 items. This will be the first site we need to migrate.

I saw the module for Fedora 4 but I did not see any modules for earlier versions.

Any thought about the simplest way to migrate platforms?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Personally, I think the easiest way to import the items would be to export them from Fedora to a CSV and then use the CSV Import module to import them into Omeka.

For the media, you can either have a column with a URL to the files(s) or you can sideload them.

Another solution is to enable the oai-pmh module of Fedora and to import data with module OaiPmhHarvester.

Thank you for your response. This was very helpful.

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

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