Metadata fields are mixed up

Hi everyone,

Here is my problem : I’m using CSV import to import huge amounts of data in my omeka s website.

Everything works out well, but it appears two fields are inverted in the item page (whereas these 2 fields are in the right order in the resource template, and in my CSV file).

I don’t really understand where this inversion can come from (and I really need my fields to appear in the right order…).

If anyone could help me dealing with this, I would be very glad to hear your ideas !

thank you

Can you show a screenshot of the problem, compared to where it’s right in the CSV or wherever? Are you saying two actual fields are in the wrong order, or two values within the same field?

If you’re assigning the template when you import, that order of the fields you specify there should be used regardless of anything else.

I mean two actual fields are in the wrong order.

Here are my CSV lines (I put the two problematic fields in bold) :

1- Id. Loge;Titre;Nom/Appellation;Propriétaire;Etat;Type;Pièce RDC;Base architecturale;Niveau;Toiture;Cheminée;Caractéristique;Fiabilité;Dernière confirmation visuelle;Construction;Abandon;Destruction;Commune;Adresse;Coordonnées GPS;Contexte;Déplacement;Fonction; Mentions Bibliographiques

[2- 3038768-001](callto:2- 3038768-001);Abilly-001;;inconnu;hors d’eau;maçonnée;simple;rectangulaire;RDC, Grenier;2 pans;P;;I;29/10/2019;inconnue;;;Abilly;D750, Sud de Les Roches, rte du Blanc;46.95295/0.70636944444444;jardin, route;;cabane de jardin;;

Now here is what I get as a result :

The two fields (Type and Fiabilité) in bold in my CSV file are at the end of the post which is weird… I can’t find any explanation…

And those fields are included in the resource template you have selected for this item? If they were left out that would explain this: the in-template fields will sort above anything that’s not in the template.

Actually there was a problem during the mapping, because some fields were selected from other an resource template. Problem solved ! Thank you for your help :slight_smile: