Metadata (DC) for magazine

Hi, I’m new to Omeka classic, I’m working on a site that will have periodicals (magazines). But I don’t know how to enter the ISSN, the volume and the issue.
I need to add this: Source.ISSN, Source.Issue, Source.Volume
How can I do it if the dublin core metadata fields only accept a value for Source?
I also need this to be visible to the public.

thanks for the help.

You might try the Dublin Core Extended Plugin, but I’m not sure that it will include the terms you need. The best way to do this is to make an Omeka Item Type for Magazine and then add your desired fields in as Item Type metadata:

Hi @sharonmleon,
I did, but the Item Type fields are not showing in a harvesting by OAI-PMH, and I need them to be there. What I can do?

Ahh… that requirement was not in the original request! Item type metadata fields are custom, so they won’t go in the OAI harvest. Here is a link to the documentation for the Repository plugin if you’re using the one in our plugin directory:

Given the existing parameters, the only way to do what you’re suggesting is to create multiple instances of the Source field for each item, and include the label in the input
Source: ISBN: xxx-xxxx-xxx
Source: Issue: xx
Source: Volume:XX

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