Metadata Browse - issue with CSV import

I’ve just noticed a little issue with using both Metadata Browse and CSV import and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed it too.

I’ll use CSV import to bring in a group of items, and assign some of them with a specific subject, say “Sports”. If I then click on the “See all items with this value” link under the “Sports” subject, I’ll see all of the items in my collection with “Sports” as a subject. Awesome. But then if I manually add “Sports” as a subject in Omeka S (same field - dcterms:subject) to a different item, it won’t appear when I click on the “See all items with this value” link from one of my CSV import records - it becomes its own unique subject even though it is typed exactly the same way. So I end up with two different options when I click “See all items” - one for those that I added “Sports” on with CSV import, and another different list for when I click from an item that I added manually. Anyone know what might be up?


Can you let us know which version of Omeka S and each module you’re using?

Omeka S 1.2.0
CSV Import 1.1.0
Metadata Browse 1.1.2
Advanced Search Plus 3.0.1
Comment 3.1.5
Custom Vocab 1.0.0
Search 0.5.5
Value Suggest 1.1.0

Thank you so much!

Metadata Browse just uses the regular search functionality, so if these are showing up as “separate,” they’re different somehow: either the actual text is different or they’re different properties. Since you ruled out the property difference I’d say there’s something actually different between the two pieces of text.

Is this site available somewhere we can look at it?

Okay, here’s a dirty test site with enough items to show what I’m talking about (we’re not ready to go live with the real site yet):

You’ll see that there are 41 items on the site. If you click on one of the first images, HA-0009-1.10.008 - Mrs. Fripp, you’ll see that one of the subjects is Staff–Molly Fripp. If you click on “See all items with this value”, you’ll get four results. If you go back to the main browse page, scroll down to HA-0011.18.008 - Mrs. Fripp and prefects. Once again, Staff–Molly Fripp is a subject (and yes, I’ve checked, they’re both dcterms:subject), but if you click on “See all items…”, you get three different results from the previous four. And if you do a regular search for “Staff–Molly Fripp”, you get all seven.

In the admin side, if I do a regular search for Staff–Molly Fripp, I get them all. If I do an advanced search for Staff–Molly Fripp in subject, I get them all. If, however, I do an advanced search based on the items in my site, if I ask for Staff–Molly Fripp in any field I get all seven, but if I ask for it in Subject, I only get three. This doesn’t make sense. I am so baffled, lol.

Thank you so much!

It looks like there’s actually a space at the beginning of some of your values and not others. In the specific example you gave, the set of 4 results is the ones with the spaces in front. This is hard to see on the page but is visible in the URL bar (and would be visible, but subtle, on the edit page for these items).

If I had to guess, I’d imagine these are the ones from the import, and you had a field with multiple values, where you put not only the multivalue separator between them, but also a space. The importer should probably be trimming away these spaces for you, but didn’t/isn’t.

As for the search bringing up all of them, if your search is a “contains” search that’s what I’d expect, but an “is exactly” search would only get the 3 without the leading space.

Great eye! That was exactly the problem. Was able to fix it with SQL, thank goodness.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: