Medium-size image not displaying correctly

I recently discovered that one of our media files did not correctly produce a medium size image. Whereas the original image is of some woven baskets, the file stored in “medium” is a very large picture of a (admittedly very cute) puppy. It does not resemble any other image we have uploaded, or even any images on our server.

Original, Large, and Square are all of the baskets. Attempts to recreate this error with the same image file attached to another item have failed. We have Omeka S ver. 1.1.1.

Any ideas as to what might have caused this error?

So you uploaded the image again and it didn’t cause the same problem?

I have no idea… this would be a strange one for sure. Is this accessible somewhere we can look at?

I’ve gone ahead and placed it in a page for you to look at:

However, it gets weirder. In putting together this test page, it sometimes showed the puppy, and sometimes showed the baskets, regardless of the thumbnail size selected. When they briefly all reverted to baskets, I went and checked the media file, but it still showed the puppy under “medium”.

Since it has not happened since, if we fail to find out why this has occurred it’s probably not a big deal; it would just be nice to not have to check all of our media for surprise puppies.

While this would be a compelling feature, I don’t think there’s any way this could have come from Omeka S’s thumbnailer system… besides the obvious problem that it’s not a thumbnail of your upload, it’s also seemingly far too large to be a “medium” thumbnail. It’s significantly larger than the “large” even.

Is it possible that just that file was replaced by something you or someone else did? The puppy has a later Last-Modified header indicating it showed up about a week after the correct “large” image.

Knowing that the Last-Modified dates are different is a bit of a relief, honestly.

Still, I wonder where it came from as no one that I’ve talked to on my team is familiar with the image. It may just have to remain a mystery. But thank you for your help!