Media not displaying in Metadata tab

We upgraded our test site to 4.0.3 and are seeing something odd when viewing media in the admin (…admin/media/#). We can see the Title for the media and the metadata on the right. We also see the File Derivatives and when we click on one the derivative file displays.

However, no media displays in the Metadata tab above the Title. It is just blank. I’m guessing something is off with OpenSeadragon but I am not seeing any errors. Are there settings somewhere I need to review? Our production site is on 3.0.2 and the media displays just fine.

This is a IIIF image media?

Maybe check your browser’s JS console when you’re viewing that page?

Good suggestion! It appears that our test site might be pointing to production in these cases. I’m seeing a bunch of “access to image has been blocked by CORS policy” messages. I’ll kick this to our hosting folks. Thanks!