Mapping Module with CSV Import

We are new to Omeka and Omeka S. We have a csv file that contains 1290 line items with geo coordinates in one column: 39.101588,-84.509738 . I’d like to be able to do a csv import to get these items onto a map. (if there is a tutorial, please let me know)
I’m at a loss though- how would you go about this- would the steps be:

Define a resource Template ?
Create Item Set
Import Items into the resource template/Item Set…?

It’s a little confusing for me as to where the Geo coordinates would go.

There is actually a special section of the CSVImport documentation that explains how the module works with the Mapping Module.

So, if you have both of those modules installed you should be good. Then you can select to add those items to your site. When you go to build out your site, you have access to all the Mapping block options.

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