Mapping Module: Restricted number of Items on the Map

We have the mapping module 1.2.0 in Omeka S 2.1.0.
We are constantly adding new entries to our db into the general map of our project for some weeks. It seems like there is a restriction to the number of addable items. We have 685 items on the map now. There is no chance to add another item unless we delete on of the former entries.
Can I change the maximum number of items somewhere?

When you say you can’t add another, do you mean you’re getting an error message? Or something else?

No - if I add another item it appears in the list - but when I save the page, the item gets lost and disappears from the list again without any error messages etc.

I think what’s happening here is that you’re running into a PHP configuration issue. PHP only allows a certain number of values to be submitted to any given page: the default is 1000, and some of those are taken up by other things that are necessary for the page. I see several solutions:

  • You can increase this limit in your PHP configuration file (php.ini): it’s called max_input_vars.
  • Instead of using the map block you could link to the public map browse page, which is always at /s/your-site/map-browse. It’s also linkable using the “Map Browse” custom link in your site’s navigation configuration.
  • Wait until the next Mapping version comes out, which will include a map block that uses a single query to add items to the map instead of multiple attachments. It should be out by June, hopefully.
  • Wait until we fix this particular max_input_vars problem. We’ve already fixed an identical problem for the add/edit item page, and we expect to do the same for this page. We’re not sure when this fix will be available.
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Thanks a lot, @jimsafley, for your fast reply – since I do not have access to the php.ini I will go for the Map Browse option until the next mapping version comes out.

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