Mapping Module: Query-Based Map Pool

Hi All,

In Omeka Classic it seems that “Shortcodes” feature made it possible to embed a map on a page that would map a selection of items based on a query string. This is exactly what I would like to do in Omeka S.

Does anyone have any advice on how I should approach this in Omeka-S? It looks like I want to extend the “Attachments” capability of the Map Block to include a Query string as demonstrated on the Browse Preview block.

Thank you.


Did you find a way to achieve this ? I tried some things but it does not work. I create a browser-preview-map.phtml with the content of browse.phtml (Mapping Module), set it as view in the Browser preview block. I get the map, a part of the advanced search (not the specific map fields), I put at the beginning $markers = $this->api()->search(‘mapping_markers’)->getContent();
With this piece of code, I get all the markers of the site, of course. I suppose there is something to do there to get the results of the query and then the $markers. I tried a lot of things but (I’m not a developer) nothing has worked since now. So I would be interested if someone has found a way to get the markers on the base of a custom query.

Thank you

Hi MarieMoore,
You are ahead of me! I saw that learning PhP was going to be necessary to fix this problem. I spent some time with the documentation – and then my attention was diverted. What you have done sounds like a great start. There must be a MarkerHelper.php somewhere that paints the markers and has a data structure for pop-ups. Your post is inspirational. If I learn anything more, I’ll post it here, and I hope that you do the same.

Ultimately, we need to fork and extend the Mapping Module. There is so much potential there.

This feature is a work in progress here. We intend to make a release once it is sufficiently tested. It shouldn’t take too long.

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