Mapping Module and museum floor plant

Would it be possible to use the mapping module with a museum floor plan? Has anyone done it yet?

One way to do it is by serving your museum floor via a geoservice (e.g. a WTMS compatible with the mapping module).
This involves some georeffing of your museum floorplan map and then loading e.g. as mbtiles format it in a mapserver.
I do this with local maps using the opensource software tileserver-php. This works great for us, but I have no experience for maps with sub meter resolutions or so as you might need in your usage scenario. The lat/long variables precision might give problems. But maybe this wont be a problem for you because you may -virtually - map you museum floor over e.g a city. Also we did not yet use this for vector (map) tiles instead of raster (map) tiles, but anyhow, if I remember correctly the leaflet code in the Mapping module is not configured for vector maps. But I may be wrong here.

Alternatives might be to use the approach above but load your georeffed map in an external mapserver service, either free or paid.
Or, probably fastest working and most robust approach is to do some hacking in the leaflet-widget of the mapping module to be able to use non-georeffed pictures as maps. I think DanielKM had some pointers for this in the documentation of the Cartography module. Anyhow the leaflet site has plugins for this. But be aware that this approach requires changing the Mapping module yourself, and requires knowledge of Omeka-S code and of Leaflet code.


Thank you very much Jon!. We will explore the Cartography module.

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