Mapping error message : Notice: Undefined offset: 1

Hi everyone,

I am a bit strugling with omeka-s to import a csv with latitude and longitude.

I am getting a strange error:

I have no php_cli i used the trick found here : CSVImport et php-cli

Does anyone have an idea ?

Best regards

What are the version you use for csv import and mapping? There should be in sync (use version 1.0.0).

Hello Daniel,

thank you for answering.

CSV Import is in version 1.1.0 and Mapping is in version 1.0.0.

What do you mean by “There should be in sync (use version 1.0.0)” ?

Should I use 1.0.0 version for csv import ?

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Yes, there are updates in the CSVImport 1.1.0 that break Mapping 1.0.0.

OK, thank you for your quick answer.

I found csvimport 1.0.0beta2 but once i installed it, i got the following message:

and i found similar message error on this topic : Error when trying to add New Item but solution was to upgrade. So i tried with csvimport .1.1.1 and i was unable to install it, i got that error (in french which is good cause it is my local):
“Erreur : fichier Module.php invalide”

I have also looked for 1.1.0 module for mapping but i did not find one.

What advice could you give me to succeed ?

Best regards

There may be a misunderstanding. Normally, the two modules that are on the official site are in sync, so CsvImport 1.1 and Mapping 1.0, so don’t use dev modules.

For the “Erreur : fichier Module.php invalide”, you have to rename your folder like the module name.


yes there is a misunderstanding.

I was using the two modules from the official site and I get the error indicated in my first post.

You first write : “CSVImport 1.1.0 that break Mapping 1.0.0.” and then : “Normally, the two modules that are on the official site are in sync”.

So I am not quite sure what I should do in order to use csv import and mapping. Could you drive me a little bit ?

Best regards

I think you use an old version of CsvImport, because the issue for 'Omeka\MediaIngesterManager' is fixed since a while, or I don’t understand.

Yes I understand, but you told me first : “there are updates in the CSVImport 1.1.0 that break Mapping 1.0.0.”

So I understand that Mapping and CSV import are not working together, is that correct ?


CSV Import 1.1.0 and Mapping 1.0.0 are the current and correct versions for you to be using.

Your screenshot shows many Notice messages. What’s underneath them if you scroll down? Do you eventually get to an Error message? Or just anything different?

The notices themselves could simply be caused by the format of the data in the column you selected not matching the Mapping module’s expected format of longitude/latitude.


there is no other message except those notices.
The longitude/latitude format are like this in the same column : 50.589, 3.5432
I select the button “longitude/latitude” and the “multivalue separator” and coma has been selected at the precedent screen.

Ok so i will work on the data in order to hav two columns and let you know if it is woking or not.

Best regards

Hi everyone,

i successfully import csv with latitude and longitude on a map. The error above was probably due to a coma “,” for decimal separator a point “.” is the correct decimal separator.

Best regards