Mapping block for item sets?

The ability to configure resource pages is a really great addition to Omeka 4.0. If it’s possible to add a Mapping block to an Item page, is it possible to also create a Mapping block for an Item Set page (i.e., to show a map of all of the items mapped in the given item set), more or less using the same behavior as a “Map by Query” block on a regular page? Where might this function be created-- by modifying the Mapping module or by editing the theme? Or is editing both necessary?

It’s a good idea. For the newest Omeka S version we’ll need to modify the Mapping resource page block layout to accommodate item sets. Add item_sets to getCompatibleResourceNames(). and conditionally return markup for an item set resource in render(). I’ve created an issue.

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Hello - I have just been exploring the intersection between the concept of Item Set and Mapping. Could this be extended to allow Item Sets to be mapped? If possible, that would be useful in situations where you want the initial map to have points for items sets and then link to a page that has the items mapped there.