Mapping and Geometric Data Type integration

in my resource template I set one field with the data type Geographic Coordinates created by the module Geometric Data Type, which contains the latitude and longitude numbers.
I have also installed the module Mapping, and I am manually inserting the geo coordinates for each item.
I was wondering if there is a way to automatically synch the geo coordinates I’ve inserted in my propriety and the map, to speed up the data entry and avoiding doing the work twice.

Thank you for the help you can give!

Perhaps it will be a feature in a future release, but the Mapping module cannot automatically sync geographic coordinates that are entered as values.

Thank you for the answer!
I thought it was already possible because in the Readme file of Geometric Data Type module there is the following info, so I guess I am not fully understanding its meaning.

It can be used with the module [Mapping]: a batch edit is added to convert literal data into geographical coordinates and vice-versa, so you can store markers as standard rdf data.

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