Map Browser limit of the Mapping module

Hi everyone,

I just want to confirm that the map browser can only display 5,000 markers on the map by default. Is it any solution to display more but not significantly slow down the map loading process? Many thanks.


I tried different ways to display over 30k geo markers on the map browser page. The markercluster could not handle. Luckily , the supercluster by mapbox is extremely fast. It seems not so difficult to get things working. On my test box, the map-browser page with 30k markers is loaded in 2-4 seconds.


Whoops, looks like we missed the initial message here.

Thanks for reporting back on your experience scaling to such a high number of markers. So it was really just your swapping out of the marker clustering components that resulted in such a change in performance?

Supercluster does help a bit not much. The real “issue” is that it is time consuming to load 30k geo markers (about 3 minutes using the Mapping module by default). I figured out a solution to do this but not elegant at all.

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