Manual thumbnail creation

I have installed Omeka Classic 2.6.1 (the latest version that can run on the server I am using) and the administrator will not install ImageMagick, as he says it poses a security risk.

So I though I would create manually the video thumbnails and add them in files/thumbnails and files/square_thumbnails directories using the same names as the ones given to the video by Omeka. However, it did not work; the fallback image is displayed. Any ideas?

By the way, when I am the the webpage with the video and click on the fallback image Firefox wants to open the video in an external application. When I am in the administration pages, the video displays inside the page. I am using “Thanks Roy” theme. Is there a way to always display the item inside the webpage?

Oh, I did find why the thumbnails didn’t show!

In the database, in the table that stores the file data there is a field called “has_derivative_image”. When I set it to 1, the thumbnails work.

I will try a few more and let ou know. It seems a fast process is feasible (bulk upload the thumbnails in the directories and them run an SQL command to change the status).

You can also configure your thumbnail creation to work with PECL ext/imagick extension or the PHP GD extension, if your sysadmin will approve either of those (or they might already be on your server)

As Megan suggests, other options like GD are available (and GD in particular is quite likely to be present on most servers).

As long as you’re comfortable with the SQL and doing the uploads to the correct places (thumbnails, square_thumbnails, and fullsize) doing that and setting the has_derivative_image flag manually will work fine, if you want to go that way.

But as far as I understand GD will not create video thumbnails. And I have about 600 of them!

Ah yes, you’re correct, GD won’t make thumbnails for videos. I missed that part of your initial message.

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